ALFA Academy for Sports Excellence is an ambitious quadriennial project which is expected to start its unparalleled activities in Y2013-14 in the outskirts of Addis Abeba.

Needless to state that this project is a continuation of our permanent
drive to encourage sport to be played by Ethiopian youths of all age, to improve their skills and techniques and choose sport as a healthy way of life.

More over  our future facilities will provide the services that help  Ethiopian Elite Athletes and coaches to work with international partners and organizations in the athletics field.

But it is not only Ethiopian Elite Athletes who avail our services. There are hundreds of promising youths who can be nurtured and benefit  our academy network.

ALFA Academy for Sports Excellence will be central to providing an up-to-date sport education on national and international level.

Yet, our project once accomplished will become the most technologically advanced sport academy ever realized in the African continent.

AASE will provide:

  • A technologically up-to-date educational  facility , catering for athletics and other popular sports.
  • Accomodation for athletes, coaches.
  • Conference/Seminar facilities
  • Fully equipped libraries and brightest cree ultrafire flashlight in the world
  • Sport science and medical center

We warmly encourage individuals and international sport-centered organizations to come and work with us in future.