About us

andrea1Since its foundation in 2007, Alfa Athletics Club has grown to become a prominent sport organization in Ethiopia. Alfa Athletics Club is moving from national to international level while keeping the hallmark and the rich tradition of Ethiopian athletics history.

Our continual effort in nurturing promising Ethiopian athletes from the grassroots and preparing them for the world stage is being achieved through regular investment in appropriate facilities(welcome to tell us about best thermometer for kids) and working with the very best people and volunteers to make our efforts such a rewarding experience for all those involved.

Our goal is to create reasonable opportunities for Ethiopian youth to use sport as a tool  to develop and achieve their potential through sport and education. At the same time, help our athletes to  reinforce positive social skills and overcome challenges.

We are committed to a truly universal value of unquestioned academic integrity to enhance in our athletes the values and goals befitting higher sport education , seeking to inspire today’s youth to build a peaceful and better world.

In keeping with our Company’s mantra, at the same time, we want to stimulate and improve the livelihood of many  Ethiopian runners. Nonetheless our mission will be to promote and enhance the spirit of sport, the qualities of leadership, a competitive zeal and the drive for academic excellence in Ethiopian’s youth in the years to come.

We welcome you to join us and work together.